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the dermalogica expert program

Gain skills, gain profits! Follow the Dermalogica Education Pathway and achieve expert status through our Dermalogica Expert Program.

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get certified

Start your education pathway and become a Dermalogica Certified product knowledge guru.


become a specialist

Learn how to power up your treatments, utilize Dermalogica’s signature services, and a retailing virtuoso.


attain expert status

Become a Dermalogica Expert and possess our highest level of skin care expertise.

Expert Assessment

Congratulations on reaching the final step to becoming a Dermalogica Expert! You have successfully completed all the workshop requirements and now it's time to showcase all you've learned by participating in a hands-on treatment.

5 minutes

Consultation with your client. A model is required on the day of your assessment.

60 minutes

Perform the Dermalogica ProSkin Treatment, customized to your client's skin concerns, including Face Mapping skin analysis and the Dermalogica Pressure Point Touch Therapy.

15 minutes

Skin Fitness Plan prescription recommendations

expert status benefits

Reap the rewards of greater knowledge, greater profits and greater recognition.


A special badge next to your business on the store locator page on dermalogica.com.

first access

Receive new key retail product innovations prior to their launch.

expert-only workshops

Exclusive invites to expert-only workshops to keep you at the top of your game.

To review your workshop notes, training videos and treatment protocols visit your skinstudy today!

Once you have completed the Certified and Specialist tiers, you will receive both a certificate and pin for each. After the completion of the Expert Tier, you will receive an Expert Certificate, Expert Pin, Expert Shirt, and Expert Display Sheets to promote within your treatment space.