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pro dermaplaning certification

Dermalogica’s Pro Dermaplaning service is more than just dermaplaning. This advanced service draws on the use of Dermaplaning tools, techniques, along with Dermalogica’s professional products.

This self-led, online course is the first step to achieve the Pro Dermaplaning Certification and supports the foundational understanding of Dermaplaning. Importantly, you can revisit course content for retention.

*completion of Pro Dermaplaning Online is recommended prior to attending the hands-on certification workshop.


Pro Dermaplaning Certification Workshop

The Dermaplaning service combines a customized mechanical and exfoliation technique.  This involves using specialized resurfacing and professional serums to target specific skin concerns, achieving smoother, brighter skin.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of dermaplaning, and how it works on the skin.
  • Tools, products, and protocols used in the service.
  • Tips and techniques to deliver the best skin treatment result.
  • Participants will gain hands-on experience with performing dermaplaning.
  • Service kit included.

Price: $500 for Non-Dermalogica Accounts / $250 for Dermalogica Accounts (50% savings)

*Dermalogica certification does not ensure the ability to perform advanced services with your established license. Check your local licensing regulations prior to performing an advanced service.

Book now by contacting a Guidance Team Specialist at 1-888-292-5277

certification workshop includes:

Unlimited access to the Pro Dermaplaning Online Course
Dermaplaning Certification
1 handle​
25 blades​
Precleanse 5.1 oz​
Blade removal box

*Pre-requisite for the Pro Dermaplaning Certification is the completion of Pro Dermaplaing online and is required prior to attending hands-on-training.

Book now by contacting a Guidance Team Specialist at 1-888-292-5277.