neck fit refining masque

neck fit refining masque


  • refines
  • firms
  • lifts

3 ways to use neck fit refining masque

  1. with electrical modalities
  2. with facial tools
  3. with massage

Consumers and the skin care industry tend to focus their attention on the face, but the neck and chest are more vulnerable to the kind of damage that leads to premature signs of aging. In the treatment room, few options exist for the neck, forcing skin therapists to extend the application of facial care products downward.

Neck Fit Refining Maque changes everything.

Specifically tailored to address the needs of the neck and chest, this unique touch-activated formula resurfaces, revitalizes and refines this often-neglected area – encouraging use of touch therapy and modalities to help visibly lift, firm and sculpt the skin.

what is it?

A neck and chest refining masque that kickstarts treatment results and activates the treatment experience to help combat neck neglect.

why you need it 

This touch-activated formula resurfaces, revitalizes and refines skin while you physically lift and firm the neck using touch therapy and modalities.