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pro power peel

Comprehensive and completely customizable, this all-inclusive collection puts the power to create tailor-made peels in your hands. Formulated with maximum strength ingredients and backed by science and education from the International Dermal Institute, Pro Power Peel lets you deliver a custom peel, every time.

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there’s no such thing as “one peel fits all”

When it comes to chemical peels, we’ve always had a unique perspective. We believe that regular resurfacing is crucial to accelerate cell turnover and renewal rates – so we opt for peels that are more frequent and less invasive rather than those that push the skin to the point of undue inflammation.

We also strive to deliver completely custom treatments for a range of skin conditions. That’s why Pro Power Peel features a full suite of products, giving you the flexibility to create bespoke peels for every client. It redefines the peel experience – and allows you to give clients a different, custom peel with each treatment.

the pro power peel collection

Chemical peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns, from acne and hyperpigmentation to advanced signs of aging. Despite their varying uses, most peels work the same way: they remove the skin’s outermost layers to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover, improving skin’s texture and appearance.

Each of the peels in this collection is efficacious enough to use alone. Used together, they allow skin therapists to target a broad range of skin concerns:

pro power eye peel

Specially contoured to treat the undereye area and crow’s feet, this concentrated patch exfoliates and hydrates in a single step. Antioxidant-rich Vitis Vinifera extract – derived from Italian grapes – works with Lemon, Orange and Sugar Maple, stimulating cell renewal to brighten, even and smooth.

one-step prep

This leave-on peel prep solution with Witch Hazel and Alcohol effectively degreases the skin for greater peel efficacy.

ultrabright peel

Ultra-effective brightening peel featuring 30% Lactic Acid complexed with Rice-derived Phytic Acid, AHA-rich Grape Juice Extract and Mucor Fungal Extract, along with Tangerine Peel, helps to reduce the appearance of early signs of aging and even skin tone.

advancedRENEWAL peel

Powerful peel with 30% Glycolic Acid and Rice-derived Phytic Acid and Opuntia (Prickly Pear) Flower Extract resurfaces skin to help fight the visible effects of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

AGEreversal peel

Professional-strength AGE-reversing TCA peel with Rice-derived Phytic Acid, Garden Sprout Extract, Soy Genistein and Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3 minimizes the appearance of advanced signs of aging.

powerclear peel

Potent Salicylic Acid-Mandelic Acid clearing peel with a patented Terpineol-Thymol Complex targets blemishes and visibly diminishes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

neutralizing solution

A ready-to-use, non-aqueous neutralizer that helps soothe the skin and helps restore its natural pH.

facemapping PRO

Start every treatment with a thorough Face Mapping skin analysis. FaceMappingPRO, a digital platform, allows you to easily perform Face Mapping skin analysis and stores all of your client information in one spot.