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Join Dermalogica’s award-winning workshops from anywhere in the world, from theory to hands-on practical sessions, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to reach Expert status and beyond.

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targeted services: PRO Calm

Expert Tier – PRO Calm targets a range of sensitive skin ...

advanced services: pro power peel

Expert Tier – Dermalogica has a unique perspective when it comes ...

advanced services: PRO Nanoneedling

Join us for a workshop designed to showcase the science ...

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d.n.a. online: discovering top sellers

d.n.a. online: navigating targeted systems

d.n.a. discovering top sellers

d.n.a. navigating targeted systems

d.n.a. achieving professional results

d.n.a. online: achieving professional results

customized services: exfoliation and resurfacing techniques

touch therapy: pressure point

d streaming customized services practical

dermalogica PRO services: elevating your business potential

dermalogica PRO services online: elevating your business potential

targeted services: PRO Firm

targeted services: PRO Clear

targeted services: PRO Calm

targeted services: PRO Bright

advanced services: pro power peel

dermalogica expert assessment review

dermalogica expert assessment

CLEAR: elevating the customer experience

touch therapy: gua sha

touch therapy: neck and shoulders

PRO Firm neck + skin introduction to fascia

PRO Firm neck + skin fascia massage practical

lymphatic clearing touch therapy theory

lymphatic clearing touch therapy practical

mixology: resurfacing workshop

advanced services: PRO Microneedling

advanced services: PRO Nanoneedling

advanced services: micropeel

professional expert: adult breakouts

community collaborative: skin treatment swap