here’s the best cleanser for your skin

here’s the best cleanser for your skin

Everyone’s skin is different – so finding the right cleanser for you can feel like a challenge! The good news is that there’s truly an ideal cleanser for every skin condition, from oily and acne-prone to dry and dehydrated.

In fact, the right cleanser can even enhance the results of your skin care regimen as a whole – so read on to find the perfect cleanser for your skin.

the best cleanser for oily/combination skin

Oily skin needs balance to stay healthy – which is why we love Active Clay Cleanser. Formulated with prebiotics to support skin’s microbiome and moisture barrier, it leaves skin revitalized, refined and purified.

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Adsorbs impurities to help balance and purify skin
  • Delivers powerful prebiotic benefits

the gentle, foaming cleanser

Gentle enough for all skin conditions, Special Cleansing Gel foams away impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance – making it a great all-around choice for skin that’s neither dry nor oily.

  • Removes impurities without stripping or dryaing
  • Soothes skin with Balm Mint and Lavender
  • Lightweight and mild enough to use every day

the best oil cleanser

for normal to oily skin

If your skin can be a bit oily, the idea of using an oil cleanser might sound counterintuitive. However, PreCleanse is formulated to remove debris from skin’s surface, then easily rinse away – giving you a professional clean every day.

  • Removes excess sebum (oil) without clogging pores
  • Nourishes skin with conditioning essential fatty acids
  • Helps your Dermalogica Cleanser work more efficiently

for dry and dehydrated skin

Formulated with a Natural Biolipid Complex to lock in hydration, water-activated PreCleanse Balm deconstructs layers of debris and product build-up while Apricot Kernel Oil nourishes dry skin.

  • Removes excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, make-up and pollutants
  • Dissolves buildup without compromising the skin barrier or clogging pores
  • Smoothes, calms and nourishes the skin

the best cleanser for sensitive skin 

Sensitive skin needs special treatment – which is exactly what UltraCalming Cleanser delivers. It’s pH-balanced and specially formulated to soothe, cleanse and protect reactive skin.

  • Helps calm and cool redness and discomfort
  • Easily rinses away or tissues off
  • Helps fortify skin’s protective barrier

the best cleanser for acne

Choose a cleanser that does more than just clear skin! Clearing Skin Wash is formulated to combat adult acne and reduce visible skin aging – all while cooling skin with Balm Mint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree.

  • Clears away excess oil without stripping skin
  • Helps prevent future breakouts
  • Soothing botanicals help calm irritation

the best cleanser for prematurely aging skin 

Regular exfoliation is one of the keys to maintaining healthy skin at any age – and Skin Resurfacing Cleanser lets you cleanse and exfoliate in a single step. It’s also packed with skin-conditioning antioxidants.

  • Cleanses and exfoliates in one step
  • Retexturizes for super smooth skin
  • Helps accelerate cell turnover, hydrate and brighten

the best cleanser for dry skin

Light, creamy and skin-friendly, Intensive Moisture Cleanser is formulated with a BioReplenish Complex that removes impurities while nourishing dry, depleted skin.

  • Defends against dryness
  • Delivers a smoother feel after cleansing
  • Rinses away easily and leaves skin cleaner, softer and more luminous